Our History

Mentor Publishing Company Limited is a fast growing medium-sized company in the publishing sector. The company began operations in March 2013, a time when various changes in the education sector were in the offing.

The company operates within the Kenyan market with a view to expanding its operations in the Eastern Africa Region. We pride ourselves in delivering learning solutions by providing a wide range of well researched learning materials to both public and private schools across Kenya.

The company was formed with a view of providing a solution to young, upcoming and little-known authors who wished to have their manuscripts published and gain access the book industry. To date, this remains one of our strongest corporate values and we continue to support your and upcoming authors.

Our Vision

To be the champion in publishing well-researched and high quality learning materials in primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Our Mission

To publish well researched and high quality course books, complementary materials and reference materials that help learners nurture their talents, discover their full potential and enhance their personal development.


The shareholding of the company is widely held by various people, including leading educationists, teachers and renowned authors. This ensures that the company is adequately capitalized to meet the financial needs of the day-to-day operations.

The management of the company is spearheaded by a team of directors who have vast knowledge and experience in teaching, publishing, authoring and business management. The diversity of the shareholder brings in rich knowledge and experience that is utilized to the benefit of the learners.

About Products

Our products are designed in full compliance with the new Competency Based Curriculum which is developed and issued by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). Our course books, complementary materials and reference materials contain the following salient features:

-> Comprehensive in coverage of the Curriculum Designs as set out by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

-> Contain activities that are mainstreamed to develop Core competencies.

-> Include a variety of activities that inculcate societal values to the learners.

-> Address Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCIs) such as social cohesion, decision making, critical thinking and financial literacy

-> They are authored in a language that is simple to understand, matching and corresponding to the level of the learner.

-> Contain a variety of appealing presentation that encourages reading.